“Tony is my go-to guy for turning concepts into reality.” -Aarón Sanchez

Tony Penn is the Owner of The Alternative Board (TAB) in Orange County, CA – a peer advisory board centered on working with business owners and CEO’s to boost their business.

“He has an innate ability to create a culture where people work hard, respect each other, and have fun.” – Christine Connell Director of Sales & Operations MRN Hospitality

Drawing from his more than 20+ years’ experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry, this innovative thinker tackles human resource issues, implements sales building techniques, prepares exit plans, and cooks up strategies that achieve stratospheric results.

Having lived in New York, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Erie, Vegas, Cleveland, Princeton, and Tucson, this San Diego-native has returned to his Southern California roots. Living with his teenage daughter, he now calls Newport Beach home.

Tony is my guy. He was responsible for all my restaurant operations. Tony is truly the best at what he does. He’s insightful, creative, thorough, and everybody loves working with him. He’s the only person I’ve ever worked with that can create an environment where hard work can be so much fun. He has a unique combination of culinary skills, hands on experience, creativity and a realistic perspective that gets results.

Aarón Sanchez, Award-winning chef, cookbook author, Food Network Star, and judge on Masterchef

Tony spearheaded the revamp of our entire Culinary and Operations Program. Tony’s ability to connect with people at all levels allowed us to streamline the process and get company-wide buy-in.

Felix Musenden, Executive Vice President - House of Blues

First and foremost, it was a pleasure both knowing and working with Tony. He’s a seasoned operator, who brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, experience and integrity. He has an innate ability to connect with people from all walks of life, and his inclusive management style made all the hard work extremely enjoyable.

Christine Connell, Vice President of Operations - MRN Hospitality

I’ve worked with Tony on numerous projects over the past several years. The passion and energy he brings every day is infectious to whomever has the pleasure to work with him. I appreciate the collaborative environment he creates, and his professional and candid feedback are invaluable.

Doug Sander, Account Executive - Sysco Corp.

It’s Important to Create an Environment of Trust